Yoga at Stretton

Yoga at Stretton is a mindful Hatha based yoga flow focusing on yoga posture (Asanas) and breath techniques (pranayama) to help you unwind and bring your body, mind and breath into a balanced and relaxed state. The classes are suitable for ALL levels, from Beginners to Intermediate to Advanced. All levels benefit from moving through the poses in a completely different way. You will love this group at Stretton, the setting is lovely and the other students are very friendly and welcoming. EVERYONE goes at their own level. You will learn to ‘listen’ to your body more and stay Mindful of your breath.

You will need your own yoga mat.

Bring water, extra socks and a small blanket for the relaxation.

Please do not eat after 4pm on the day! And then only something light like a banana. Yoga is always practiced on an empty stomach.

The class times are 6.30pm – 8.00pm. This is a weekly drop in class and is £8. There is no need to book for weeks in advance.

ALWAYS check with the teacher, Alena Hawk, that the classes are being held, due to holidays etc. You can contact her on: 07413 946205, or email as below. 

PREGNANT STUDENTS – we regret to say that Pregnant students are not able to come to these classes as you are better served in a Pregnancy Yoga class. See BIRTHLIGHT website for classes.

If you are suffering from; long term recovery, sleep disorders, stress, depression and generally a poor quality of relaxation, then this ancient way of life will greatly support you in finding your ‘well-ness’ again.

There is a small health registration form to complete at the beginning of class, and at all times please keep the teacher informed of any changes to your health.

Alena Hawk is a senior Yoga teacher (500h qualified) and a Reiki teacher.  

Facebook: Pure Being Studios


Mobile: 07413 946 205