Family History Group

Started a new hobby during ‘Lockdown’?

Researching into your family has been a very popular hobby, and many people have started during ‘Lockdown’.  If you are one of these enthusiasts do come and join our group.  We have been meeting for some years.  Always on the first Wednesday of the month from 10am to 12pm.  We always have a meeting, however small, except if the weather is too bad or of course when it has been banned during this pandemic.

We are a very friendly group and welcome all from beginners to the more seasoned researcher.  Beginners will find a great deal of help, from what sites to look at and how to manipulate them. What to pay for and what not, and a list of free sites we have used. Not many people realize that most of the archives are in the record offices and not online. Only a small percentage is available on the internet at the moment.

Some of us have been researching for years, but everyone comes up against a brick wall from time to time, and the group like nothing better than a problem to chew over. It does help and may trigger a new thought. The archives are vast, and you can never know it all.  Each researcher may bring a subject area which not everyone is familiar with. We love the stories especially if there is a mystery or scandal. It is anyway always interesting and may add to our combined knowledge.  There are times when we have a lot of laughs!

The hall has wi-fi and there are plenty of power points for you to be able to plug in your device.

It only costs £5.00 and during this pandemic we ask you to bring your own drinks.

If anyone is interested in attending, please contact Anne Matanle by email, phone 01246 590071 or contact Jenny on 07904 622320.